With the newly edited and published manuscript of Ophelia’s memoirs, we get a harrowing glimpse into not only the frenetic and terrifying life of a young girl on the frontier of the zombie crisis, but also into the mind of one of our most mysterious and enigmatic heroes. Ophelia, as one of the first-known immune survivors of the Ictheffigius virus, and as a ground-breaking anti-wife-buying and pro-fish activist, has long captured our hearts and imaginations. Now, for the first time, we can experience her adventures and tragedies in her own words.


You may read a sample of the manuscript, or purchase the entire thing.

You may peruse new images associated with her manuscript and life.

You may participate in the causes that were so near to her heart:

Fight For Fish Safety

End Human Trafficking

Promote Girls’ Rights

Black Lives Matter


# Stay Woke

Contact the editor of Ophelia’s manuscript, Beth Mattson.